Bump update: Week 29

Baby stats: Baby is the size of pineapple, or a barbie convertible.

Symptoms:  More and more growing pains.  The boobs have been a bit tender lately too.

Total weight gain: Weighed in at 68.1kg.  so 2.8kg up on my original weight.  Weight gain is definitely happening!!

Maternity clothes: Just rocking the maternity undies.

Stretch marks? No new ones, I think….

Workouts: A bit of walking and stretching.  One booty sessions.  Some squats here and there.  Really gotta make more of an effort from here on out.

Diet: Diet has been okay.. although I am feeling really sluggish from all the bad food, so trying to clean up the nutrition a bit so that I have more energy to deal with this pregnancy, and life in general.  Ha!

Food cravings: Nothing in particular.

Gender: Girl 🙂

Labor signs: Um, no….

Belly button in or out? In. My belly button never popped with my last full-term pregnancy, so I’m guessing it won’t this time round either.

Happy or moody most of the time: Another good week 🙂  Although the sluggishness kinda gets to me.  Guess I gotta be better with food this coming week otherwise I am going to have NO energy whatsoever.

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