Bump update: Week 22


Baby stats: Baby is the size of a papaya, or the length of a Vogue magazine 🙂

Symptoms:  No symptoms this week 🙂

Total weight gain: Gained a little bit of weight… weighed in at 64.8kg so -500gm from my starting weight.

Maternity clothes: Still no maternity clothes.  Getting thicker and thicker around the middle.. but still no proper bump!  le sigh..

Stretch marks? No new ones, although my belly is starting to itch (so it must be growing?!), so I’m making sure I lather this body up in oils and lotions.  And also, trying to drink more water to keep myself hydrated from the inside.

Workouts: Only a bit of walking and stretching this week.  So very inconsistent.  Oh, and I also went for a swim!  Took the toddler down to the pool, plonked him in a blow up thing and then pushed that up and down the pool.  I only managed two laps!  Ugh, I used to be such a strong swimmer, my fitness is definitely at an all time low.  Goals for the week ahead, more walking and more swimming!  Let’s get this fitness level lifted.

Diet: I’m able to eat more at the moment, which is great, but I find I’m eating a bit more junk again.  Gotta keep that crappy food out of my house!

Food cravings: No real cravings, but if I’m hungry I’ll reach for the junk food instead of fruit or vege.  I feel this will be a work in progress for this entire pregnancy.

Gender: Girl 🙂

Labor signs: Um, no….

Belly button in or out? In. My belly button never popped with my last full-term pregnancy, so I’m guessing it won’t this time round either.

Happy or moody most of the time: Pretty emotional this week, although I didn’t actually have any kind of meltdown, so winning I guess?

Also, the hubby gave me a day off on Monday, so I took myself out to do some retail therapy on my own and it was bliss!  Well, except for all the food that I decided to treat myself with, that just kind of made me feel sick.  All in all, an ok week.


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