Accountability Post Day 25

Thursday, 21 July

Exercise Goals:

Ashy Bines Booty Challenge Day 12: No.  But, I did do 5 mins of abs, same exercises as yesterday, and 5 mins of a variety donkey kicks.  Yup, my ass hurts, alot.

FBW (Fat burning walk): Yes!

Stretches: Yes.

Breakfast: Ham salad wrap.  Coffee

Lunch: Blueberry yoghurt & chicken kebab.

Dinner: Just picked at my hubby’s dinner (beef fajitas) as I was too full from lunch.

Snacks:  No snacks today!

Coffee: Yes.

Chocolate: No.

Verdict: 6/10 – Definitely a better effort today.  🙂

Also, my husband’s family are having some sort of ‘death anniversary’ celebration for his late Father.  I find it slightly odd seeing as he committed suicide (now that is a post for another day), but his Mother wanted to do it, so hubby and his siblings are humouring her.  They are Fijian Indian, so there will be some sort of  ceremony with prayers, annnnd, I’ll have to wear a Sari.

Not that I’m saying that there is anything wrong with wearing a Sari, I think they are gorgeous.  But have you seen how they are worn?  You basically have your gut hanging out!  My stomach is not worthy of public viewing!

As of today, I have 17 days to try and smooth out this belly so that it can be somewhat presentable.  After reviewing my last 24 posts, I can see that if I just clean up my food act, and make more of an effort to get these early morning walks in, I can at least get to a place where I am comfortable.

So, the plan is as follows:

  • Drop all added sugar from diet
  • Remove all chocolate and biscuits (and cakes, and muffins) from life
  • Say ‘F*ck you!’ to the weather when it is shite, and just get my ass out for a walk in the morning
  • Drink 4 litres of water daily

Totally doable right?  17 days.. and counting!


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