Weekly Stats update: 18 July 2016


Measurements (cm/inches)

Bust: 96/37.75

Left Arm: 27/10.5

Right Arm: 28.5/11

Natural Waist: 79.5/31.4

Belly Button : 90/35.5

Left Leg: 56/22

Right Leg: 57.7/22.5

Weight: 64.7kg


Not bad!  Down at least a 1/2 inch in most areas AND I’m down a 1/2 kilo, which is great considering I haven’t really been keeping on track with my eating or my Fat Burning Walks.  Celebrate the small wins right?

It will be interesting to see the stats once my belly starts to pop and the general weight gain that goes with pregnancy starts creeping on me.  Given that I am only very early days (4.5 weeks, so just one month in), I still have capacity to drop some fat and increase my muscle mass and general fitness.

I know some people call this controversial, but I know that being fit and healthy, and not carrying soo much extra weight is actually beneficial to both the baby and the Mum.  It also helps with the hormonal outbursts.  Do I have the science to back this up?  No, but I do have personal experience 🙂

Maybe it’s time to post those mean ‘before’ pics so I have another measure of progress?  In any case looking forward to next week’s figures!

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