Accountability Post Day 21

Sunday, 17 July

Exercise Goals:

Ashy Bines Booty Challenge Day 9: Yes!  I also did the ‘Early bird gets the inchworm’ Finisher with a score of 9.  Unsure what the average is, but I feel like I may be below average with that score!  Essentially you time yourself for 4 mins and you have to complete 200 pelvic tilt planks, and then complete as many walk out planks from standing as you can (start in standing position, keeping your feet planted where they are, use your hands to walk out into plank position and then back to standing).  Your score is how many walk out planks you complete.

FBW (Fat burning walk): Yes!

Stretches: Yes.

Breakfast: Hot chocolate, 2x Scones with jam and cream.

Lunch: Tuna and kale slaw wrap.

Dinner: Slow cooked beef cheeks with vegetables.  Was soo good.

Snacks: Couple of Scotch Fingers (again!)

Coffee: No.

Chocolate: Yes, in the form of hot chocolate.

Verdict: 6/10 – Today was a better day.  Smashed my workout goals and even did a Finisher which wasn’t part of the plan.  Only food hiccups were breakfast and some cookies I had with my son, aside from that, I was pretty good 🙂

Also, turns out that I’m up the duff.  I know I’ve been joking about it, but there you go, it’s a positive.  Not that this changes much, I still want to continue to exercise through out, it just means that my weekly stats updates will probably not get any smaller 😦  Boo!  Still only very early days however (i.e I am only 4.5 weeks along, so only just preggers!), so I may be able to drop a bit of fat in the next couple of months before the bump begins to show.

In other news, next week I’m going to try to achieve 5 consecutive days of clean eating.

Wish me luck?

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