Accountability Post Day 18

Thursday, 14 July

Exercise Goals:

Ashy Bines Booty Challenge Day 7. No. ¬†But, I did complete Booty Day 8! ūüĎć

FBW (Fat burning walk): No.  As always, I did do a bit of walking.

Stretches: Yes.

Breakfast: Yoghurt with muslie and blueberries.  Hot chocolate.

Lunch: Leftover fried rice.  3x hot & spicy chicken wings.  2x chicken tenders.

Dinner: Brown rice and quinoa bowl with smoked salmon, spinach and tomatoes.  Delish!

Snacks: Carrot.  Coffee.

Coffee: Yes.

Chocolate: No. Yes.  Forgot about that damn hot chocolate!  Boo.

Verdict: 6/10 – Getting better! ¬†Still figuring out how I can manage these FBW’s, but have been consistent with the booty challenges. ¬†Well, if you can call two days in a row consistent?

I would have been excellent with my eating too if my husband hadn’t bought me a hot chocolate with my breakfast, AND if I didn’t buy the chicken wings and tenders. ¬†I completely forgot that I brought my lunch to work today! ¬†Le sigh.

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