Let’s talk figures…

So, I was thinking how I need to start measuring my progress… if any.  I mean keeping up with accountability posts is one thing, but how can I track my progress??  Logically, I figure measurements is the first step.

I’m not the heaviest I’ve been (not including being pregnant), but I’m definitely close.  And after reviewing my past two weeks of accountability posts.. It’s no wonder.  I eat a hell of a lot of crap, and don’t exercise enough (in my own opinion).  To put things into perspective, at the end of my pregnancy I weighed 71.5kg.  My starting weight was 60.5kg, and I was already 3kg over my ‘normal’.

Before baby, my usual weight range was between 54kg and 58kg.  I usually hung around 56.5 – 57.5kg if I was working out and being fit and healthy.  If I got sick, or was overworking myself in my job, I would tend to drop down to about 54kg.  If you ask me what my favourite number was, it would have been 56.5kg.  When I was this weight, I was slim, but fit and with great tone.  Except on my belly.  I have always  had a bit of a belly.  Always.  I blame my Indian heritage.

Since baby, I’ve been hovering between 62kg and 64kg.  I did manage to get back down to 60kg at the lowest, about a month after I had baby.  Breastfeeding and taking the baby for walks in the stroller to sleep helped.  Then when I went back to work after 3.5months, and my weight crept up to 62kg, and has wavered around there since.  Obviously this past weekend of over-indulging has not helped!

I’ve never really been one to fixate on ‘the number’, but I feel until I can get back into my preferred range, I’m going to continue to keep an eye on that scale.  The body measurements are purely to help me track the fat loss as my body tends to put on muscle quite easily, so I’m just wanting another point of reference.

So, here is the start of my ‘weekly stats updates’.

Measurements (cm/inches)

Bust: 97/38

Left Arm: 28.5/10.75

Right Arm: 29/11

Natural Waist: 79.5/31.4

Belly Button : 91.5/36

Left Leg: 54.5/21.5

Right Leg: 56/22

Weight: 65.3kg

Note, I have also taken a couple of ‘before’ pics, but until I am relatively happy with the body that I am, those things have been hidden in a cave until I have some great ‘after’ shots to pair with them.

If anyone has any other methods of ‘tracking’ fat loss/fitness progress, please let me know!

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