Accountability Post Day 13

Saturday, 9 July

Exercise Goals:

Active rest day (FBW and Stretches still to be completed).

FBW (Fat burning walk): No, although we took the kids on a scavenger hunt that took them two hours of walking around Sydney Olympic Park.

Stretches: Yes.

Breakfast: Bacon & Eggs.  Coffee.

Lunch: Chicken salad wrap.

Dinner: Moroccan Lamb Salad, Spicy chicken nibbles, Grilled haloumi.

Snacks: mini donuts.

Coffee: Yes.

Chocolate: No.

Verdict: 5/10 – Unsure what rating to give for Saturday.  My husband and I have got four tweens staying with us for the weekend (2 nieces, 1 nephew and our part time kid – my husband’s older girl) so trying to find a menu that they all like has been a challenge.  I have also found it difficult to get into the headspace for exercise with all their crazy energy around.  I’m glad that we made the kids go on a long walk.

Also, my mother-in-law offered to look after the kids at night so we could go on a date night, so of course we took advantage of that opportunity.  Seeing as it was a last minute offer, we just went to dinner and a movie (Central Intelligence, pretty average).  Aside from the bottle of red and mini donuts that we shared, I managed to eat fairly well while out.  Small progress!

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