Accountability Post Day 11

Thursday, 7 July

Exercise Goals:

Ashy Bines Booty Challenge Day 4. Optional – 1-2 Finishers:  No.  Took a rest day because my calves were so sore!

FBW (Fat burning walk): Went for a walk, but not a FBW.

Stretches: Yes.

Breakfast: Coffee and yoghurt.

Lunch: Leftover chicken soup w 2 slices of Rye.

Dinner: More leftover chicken soup but with rice this time.

Snacks:  Banana, beers and some biscuits and some Lindt (in celebration of Chocolate Day of course!).

Coffee: Yes.

Chocolate: Yes 😦

Verdict: 5/10.  My calves were killing me today.  Is this normal or am I doing my exercises wrong???  I really wasn’t expecting my lower legs to hurt, just my butt, quads and hammys!  I was feeling it last night so really, I should have foam rolled or something.  I do feel like maybe I’m doing it wrong though for my calves to hurt…

In other news, I can’t eat enough to satisfy my hunger, it is insatiable!  No joke.  I could not stop eating and I was constantly hungry all day.  Maybe I’m pregnant again?  :-/

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