Accountability Post Day 8

Monday, 4 July

Exercise Goals:

Ashy Bines Booty Challenge Day 4 & 2x Finishers:  No.  I was sick so used that as an excuse to do absolutely nothing.

FBW (Fat burning walk): Not really, although I did take my son for a walk to the park.

Stretches: Yes

Breakfast: Ham, Cheese & Tomato toastie and coffee

Lunch: 2min noodles w broccoli

Dinner: Chicken fried rice

Snacks: Cheeseburger, a couple of chicken nuggets.  Beers.

Coffee: Yes

Chocolate: No 🙂

Verdict: 3/10.  I’ve caught my son’s cold (or whatever the hell he has).  Because both he and myself were miserable, my husband decided to stay home to help out.  This meant that I ate crap ALL day.  Clearly he is not a fan of healthy eating.  I’ll be glad when he goes back to work tomorrow!

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