Accountability post Day 1

Exercise Goals:

Kayla Itsines BBG Week 4, Day 1: Tick!  Consisted of burpees (as always!), walking lunges, knee ups, jump squats, jump lunges and reverse lunges.  So many lunges…  It was tough, but I got through it 🙂

Ashy Bines Booty Challenge Day 2:  Completed half the exercises from the app.  My son started to get needy so I used that as an excuse to quit for the day.  Boo to me, hoping I can kick butt tomorrow.

FBW (Fat burning walk):  Not completed.  In my defence, I attempted.  After giving my son his breakfast, I rugged him and myself up, threw him in the stroller and left the building.  We got 10mins into it and he was screaming because it was so cold!  At least I tried, right?

Stretches:  Yes, done!  Lower body stretches from the BBG guided 🙂

Breakfast:  Porridge with sultanas and honey.

Lunch:  2x cheese, lettuce, tomato wraps.  Plus 2 sausages (my son’s leftovers).

Dinner: Spicy Mexican rice.  Plus 1/2 sausage (again, my son’s leftovers).

Snacks: Slice of cheese.  1/2 mandarin.  Hot chocolate.

Coffee: Yes

Chocolate: Yes 😦

Verdict: 2/10.  Tomorrow will be a new day…

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