Welcome 2016!


2015 was an amazing year for me. I gave birth to my first child in early Jan, I travelled back home to spend time with my family, I quit my job so that I could pursue my own business, I finally visited Hobbiton and, I got married!

All in all, a great year so I was sad to have to say goodbye. But, I’m all about pushing forward, so I’m also looking forward to what 2016 has in store for me.

As per our tradition, we spent the first day of this year at the beach in the hot, hot sun. While I was taking a break from the water we got to talking about resolutions and such.

I know a lot of people are all about their New Year’s Resolutions, but I’ve never been a fan. They have always seemed kinda fickle to me, but maybe that is because the people that I know that make them don’t tend to stick to them! So as we were chatting, I felt like there was so much that I really wanted to achieve this year, so instead of resolutions, here is my list of goals for 2016. Happy New Year all!!

Be more active on my blog!
I started this blog purely because I just wanted to jump on the blogging bandwagon. I had no real purpose other than that, so this year I want to put up a post at least once a month. That probably sounds small-fry to seasoned bloggers, but I still have no real direction or end-goal in sight with this blog, so I figure one blog post per month is achievable and if I can accomplish that, then I will allow myself to keep it active for another year – yay!

Cut out social media
I know this sounds funny considering my first goal is to blog more, but I’m jumping on Ed Sheeran’s boat. More and more I feel like I’m living through a tiny screen and I just want to be more present in my own life.   I’ll be deactivating quite a few of my social media accounts, and with the exception of this blog and my online business, I’ll be limiting my online social life to a quick 10min browse in the morning with my coffee.

Drop 8 kilos
Since having my son, I have created some extremely unhealthy lifestyle habits, mainly around the type and amount of food that I eat, and the lack of physical activity. I am currently feeling very unfit and unhealthy in my body and I want to do something about it! There will be a separate post on this, and probably a big series of related posts as I document my health and fitness journey. Watch this space!

Stretch everyday
As each year passes, I find my body is not as agile and mobile as it used to be. I know stretching really helps with general mobility so I want to make it part of my daily morning routine. An evening stretch would also be great, but I’m trying to keep my goals achievable.

Take responsibility for my own happiness
Sounds trivial, but I realised that I had been putting a lot of the responsibility of my happiness on my husband. Poor guy. Reflecting on some of the speed bumps that we hit last year, I realized that a lot of them had to do with me expecting things from him without actually telling him. No one is a mind reader, and I shouldn’t expect him to be the one that makes me happy. Before I met him, I was always smiling, rarely broody and a very well adjusted human being, because I took control of that. I want that back.

Make new friends
My small group of friends had completely disbanded. No one is talking to each other anymore so it means that I have to catch up with each person individually, which is fine and I’m happy to manage that for these girls, but it makes my life tricky when it comes to birthdays or celebrations as generally no one will show up for fear of seeing one of the others. It’s made me miserable the last couple of years trying to figure out the logistics, so I’ve decided I just need to network more and make some new buddies.








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