5 ingredient energy balls

Muslie Energy Balls

Muslie Energy Balls

As part of this clean eating challenge that I’ve taken on, I’ve decided to get a little experimental in the kitchen and have created my own sweet treat, made with only 5 ingredients, and all natural!

So I kinda just used what I already had in the cupboards and added things in after tasting, just to get the right balance.  The result?  Not too bad!!  Needs a little refining, but not at all bad for my first attempt.  In fact, I had a couple tonight for dessert.  Feeling quite proud of myself actually 🙂

I’m hoping to get more creative this weekend and try out some more clean eating recipes.  Proving to myself that clean eating can be fun and delicious!


  • 1 cup of natural muslie or rolled oats (note, I kinda cheated and used muslie that had dried cranberries in it, hey it was what I already had in the kitchen)
  • 1 cup of organic peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup of cocoa powder (if you were to go pure naturalist, you may probably want to substitute in cacao powder, instead of cocoa)
  • drizzle of honey to taste
  • toasted grated coconut


  • mix the muslie, peanut butter and cocoa powder together
  • add honey to your taste (if you like it sweet, add more! if you only want to have a hint of sweetness then keep it to a very light drizzle)
  • taste the mixture and adjust the ingredients until you get the flavour you want
  • shake some coconut onto a plate
  • grab a spoon, wet your hands and start rolling some balls!
  • place the balls onto the plate of coconut and roll around to coat
  • voila!

Note: measurements are a rough guide only, add more or less of each ingredient depending on what you like 🙂

Happy Eating!!

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