No junk food.. Day 1

Today was the first day of my clean eating challenge, and as it just so happens, first thing this morning, before I had even eaten anything, one of my senior manager’s had decided to be spontaneously generous and bring in fried rice cake (a popular Asian treat) for breakfast for all us early birds.  Not to be ungrateful, but I was honestly thinking “what the eff is the universe up to??”  My day had barely begun and I was already being tempted!!  So my first challenge of the day was not trying to avoid my usual morning hot chocolate as I thought it would be… it was trying to fob off these damn rice cakes so that I didn’t feel obliged to eat them!  Damn it all!

I did manage to successfully sneak them into the bin and tuck into my pre-planned breakfast of oat bran, yoghurt and an apple.  Not nearly as tasty and exciting as my usual cream cheese bagel and hot chocolate, but not horrible either, and I have to say, I felt super good about myself for kick starting the day by being healthy!  Yay me!!

Asian glazed salmon with steamed greens

Asian glazed salmon with steamed greens

So, from my just first day I have already learnt a few lessons: 

  • Eating healthy takes a lot of preparation.  If I hadn’t packed my lunch and snacks for the day, I know that I totally would have just gone down to the food court in my building and bought an almond croissant.  Convenience is key. 
  • I actually have to make an effort to not buy chocolate, or chips, or a croissant, or a coffee (the list goes on).  I have completely conditioned myself to just eating whatever I want, whenever I want and all without a second thought, that it now requires actual physical strength for me to walk away and say no.  It has been a shocking realisation.  SHOCKING.
  • I snack a hell of a lot.  As I only had my pre-packed snacks with me, and also did not bring any cash to work today (this was a strategic move), I was limited to how much I could just pick on throughout the day, which lead me to realise that I eat way too much.
  • Eating healthy makes you feel good, from the inside.  Literally.  My usual diet is filled with lots of starchy white breads, pasta, loads of chocolate (in all forms) and a decent amount of fried food too.  And after a meal, I usually feel sleepy and bloated and uncomfortable.  After all my meals and snacks today, I can say that I do not have that same feeling of discomfort I usually get, I’m still fairly alert, and I literally feel great!  I honestly feel like this challenge is going to be a revelation of ‘beauty comes from within’ and ‘you are what you eat’.  I also feel like I will become a walking cliche dictionary…

If I feel this good after only one day, I am super excited to see how I feel at the end of this!

1 day down, 17 more days to go…

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