30 day exercise challenge

It seems that September is my month to switch up my lifestyle.  Not only am I on a clean eating mission for the first part of September, I have also decided to embark on one of those 30 day exercise challenges that you see floating around Pinterest all the time.  I will be doing for the entire month of September, and I have aptly named this, the “Great ass and strong abs” challenge!

As mentioned in my last post, I am five months preggers (and counting!), so have had to exclude a whole catalogue of exercises that I would usually do, mainly because this huge bump is starting to get in the way, and to be honest, it just gets pretty damn uncomfortable really.  So without being able to go through the whole scope of physical punishment I would usually inflict upon myself, I find myself struggling with motivation to do anything.  I figure blogging about it will keep me accountable, and besides, whenever something sounds like a challenge, I’m all over it (well, until I get over it that is).  So, in the famous words of Barney Stinson… CHALLENGE, ACCEPTED!

I’ve managed to create my own daily exercise to-do list, no mean feat really, considering I completely plagiarised everything from the net (ahhh, the internet, how did we ever live without it?  No, seriously??).  So from tonight I will be squatting, planking and wall-sitting my way through all of September 2014 🙂

Not only am I hoping to lift my derrière, and strengthen my core… (something that will come in handy as this belly gets bigger!), but I’m also hoping it will kick me out of this exercise rut I’ve currently fallen into.  I feel like I’m becoming a victim of my own pregnancy and totally using it as an excuse to eat crap and sit on the couch all night!  Not cool 😦

So this is me, doing something about it.  And if you, like me, also feel like you are stuck in some sort of exercise rut, feel free to join me on this challenge and let me know how you get on 🙂


Great Ass and Strong Abs Challenge!

Great Ass and Strong Abs Challenge!

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