18 Day Clean Eating Challenge

No Junk Food

No Junk Food

So here it goes…. for the next 18 days, I am going to embark on a “clean eating” challenge.

That means:

No chocolate
No Lollies
No biscuits or cookies
No cake, donuts or muffins
No pastries
No white bread
No chips
No fast food
No nutella
No ice-cream
No soda

I know 18 days is kinda random, but I will be flying back to kiwi land on the 19th for a family reunion of sorts and plan to indulge in some good ol’ kiwi-style fish and chips!  However, up until that point, I want to switch up the eating habits a bit.

Now, this may seem like an easy feat to most of you, but I am 21 weeks up the duff and having some serious sweet cravings!!

Wish me luck!

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